Reddit gifts – My books are here!

Hey dear reader. How are we doing today? Good, good 🙂

So, remember a few posts ago when  I said I was going to take part in Reddit’s Big Book Exchange?

No? Well, you can refresh your memory right here.

And guess what? My books have just arrived! Aaaahhhh! Continue reading

Big Book Exchange!


Redditgifts is doing a new BOOK EXCHANGE! Aaaahhhhh!

The last time I took part in this I received A Prison Diary by Jeffrey Archer. Even though I don’t usually go for non-fiction books I love reading stories in diary form, and I’m happy to say I absolutely fell in love with this one. The theme of the story is somewhat dark and scary, but it’s so well-written and personal that it feels like you really do know the author. Anyway, this is not a book review post, is it? So, moving on… Continue reading