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Happy Mother’s Day!


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Happy World Book Day!

Just checking in to send you a massive cheer for World Book Day! 

As some of you know I work in a primary school, and dressing up in special occasions comes with the territory… 

Can you guess who I dressed up as?


(Try to ignore my exhausted face. It’s been a very busy day)
I chose Matilda because:

  1. I tried to pick a character that the children would recognise.
  2. Matilda loves books!
  3. I already had everything for the costume.
  4. Matilda loves books!

Happy World Book Day!

Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Today marks Roald Dahl’s would-be 100th birthday 😀



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One of my favourite scenes from the film adaptation “Matilda”.


He was such a brilliant children’s author that even to this day his books are being read all over the world while some are being adapted to the big screen. What an inspiration! Continue reading



I remember when I first started (3 months ago) looking at other blogs and seeing how many followers they had (because I’m nosy like that), if that number was over 50 I considered it a very active blog, and if it was anything over 100 it meant it was very popular one. And now I (somehow) have over 100 amazing followers! Aaaahhh!  Continue reading