BOOK REVIEW: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy

Page Count: 455 pages

Publication Date: November 2016


Goodreads summary:

Long before Alice fell down the rabbit hole…
And before the roses were painted red…
The Queen of Hearts was just a girl, in love for the first time.


(Isn’t that the shortest “Goodreads summary” you’ve ever seen?!)


My thoughts:

First of all, Heartless by Marissa Meyer is nothing like her best-selling series, The Lunar Chronicles. That series was simply epic and nothing will ever be as amazing as Cinder and her friends, in my humble opinion (Apart from Harry Potter, but that’s a comparison for another day, another post…).Heartless

If you couldn’t tell by that briefest of all blurbs… Heartless tells the story of the Queen of Hearts (From Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll) before she became queen. We follow Catherine, the future queen, as she tries to meet her parents’ expectations (ie. marrying the king), pursue her dream of opening a bakery with her BFF, while she falls in love with the wrong guy (who is my new fictional crush! Cath and Jest make the cutest couple in the land of Hearts!). A balancing act that could only end in disaster.

The descriptions of the desserts, pies and all sorts of pastries made me feel so hungry that I just had to reach for the nearest piece of chocolate or cake every time a baking scene came up (Those rosewater macarons though… Yumm!)

On the negative side, Catherine was a bit of a cry-baby sometimes. She clearly didn’t want to marry the king, but instead of doing something about it she just hid in her room and avoided the issue… How disappointing! It made me miss Cinder and her badass-ness! I have to say though, that she does grow tougher and bolder as the story develops, so it’s not all bad.

The transformation of a good-hearted girl into the hateful queen we all know so well was done beautifully! I felt so sorry for her and finally understood why the Queen of Hearts acts the way she does.

The beginning of the book is a bit slow, but it does pick up pace about half way through. So if you are in the mood for a fast-paced story then I’d advise you to put Heartless down and come back to it at another time.

It’s not the best book ever, but it’s not a bad story either… Maybe my expectations were just a tad too high.  It was a fun, magical story that just happened to have a slow start.



10 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

  1. Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

    I was so glad that I read Heartless before even starting The Lunar Chronicles. I’m sure I would’ve been disappointed by it if I had read them the other way around, haha. TLC just get your expectations up to the sky when it comes to the rest of her books.
    Marissa Meyer’s fantasy is amazing though. Pretty sure I’ll read whatever books she’ll ever publish.

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