T5W – Children’s Books

Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday post! Created by the lovely  Lainey and Sam on Goodreads  (Go check them out if you want to join in the fun!)

This week’s theme is Children’s Books (including Middle Grade), but I’ll avoid talking about the Harry Potter series because… well, everyone knows by now that Harry Potter is my forever series ♥

I didn’t read much as a child, so picking my top 5 was hard. Not because there were so many books to choose from (which is often the case) but because I couldn’t remember any children’s book that I had read, at all.

After wrecking my brain I’ve finally come up with 5 children’s books which I read AND enjoyed! Hurray!



A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket – I’ve only just read the first 3 books in this series a few months ago and I’ve posted a review for each of them (First, second, and third). Not my favourite series in the whole wide world, but it is meant for children so it totally counts!

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll – Who hasn’t read this classic? Really! This was the first e-book I’ve ever read. I worked on a call centre (for about a month or so) and every time it got quiet I took out my phone and immersed myself in Wonderland. Escapism in its true form.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr Seuss – I got this book as a gift from one of my closest friends right before I went off to University. I remember reading it and ugly crying on its pages because Dr Seuss was so wise, it was like he wrote the book specially for me (I was at a very sensitive stage in my life… Haha).

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot – This is more of a teen series, but I’m running out of children’s books so this will have to count. Haha! I was obsessed with this series! When I found out the movie was actually an adaptation from a book series I wanted to buy them all, right there and then! But sadly they weren’t all out yet, so I had to wait like everybody else…

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson – Another companion during my short period in the call-centre business. Those pirates kept me entertained for days with their treasure hunting and pirate-ness.


Which book would you have included in your Top 5 list?

Let me know in the comments below 😀




9 thoughts on “T5W – Children’s Books

  1. QuirkyVictorian says:

    Love all of these! (Except the Princess Diaries because I never read that one). Have you seen the Netflix original version of A Series of Unfortunate Events? It’s very well-done in my opinion. I haven’t read the books in ages, but my brothers read them more recently and said it stayed pretty true to them. Oh, The Places You’ll Go is really a very beautiful book—I’m glad it was so moving for you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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