BOOK REVIEW: I’m Still Here by Clelie Avit

Genre: Adult / Contemporary / Romance

Page Count: 234 pages

Publication Date: May 2015


Goodreads summary:

Elsa has been in a coma for five months. With all hope of reviving her gone, her family and doctors are having to face the devastating fact that it might be time to turn off her life support… They don’t realise that in the past few weeks Elsa has regained partial consciousness; she knows where she is and can hear everyone talking around her bed, but she has no way of telling them she’s there.

Thibault is in the same hospital visiting his brother, a drunk driver responsible for the deaths of two teenage girls. Thibault’s emotions are in turmoil and, needing a retreat, he finds his way into Elsa’s room. Seeing her lying there so peacefully, he finds it hard to believe she is not just sleeping.

Thibault begins to visit Elsa regularly. As he learns more about her through her family and friends, he begins to realise that he is developing feelings for her. And when he talks to her, he can’t help feeling that she can hear his every word…

For Elsa, his visits are like a breath of fresh air. Here is finally someone who speaks to her as if she is a real life person. Who makes her laugh. And who gives her something to fight for…

And so begins a love story that might just save both their lives…


My thoughts:

(Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The fact that I received the book from Bookbridgr does not affect my review/thoughts/feeling towards the book in any way) I'm still here

Now, on to the book review…

This is such a freaking brilliant book! After reading the blurb I just knew I had to read this story ASAP!

This is a very well-written book, but in a simple, unassuming way.

The characters were relatable and charming. The only thing I’ll say is that the male main character, Thibault, seemed rather like a push-over sometimes. I’m not sure I liked that aspect about him, but I guess we all have our flaws, including fictional characters.

I’m Still Here is a very unique and beautiful story. It’s also a very quick read. I mean, I finished this book in 2 sittings, and I’m quite a slow reader. This book is very easy to read so I’m sure most people will just fly through it.

Despite the heavy subjects of coma, drunk driving, death, etc… this book is surprisingly fun and lighthearted.


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