My Mystery Date with…

Want to see my Q&A over on Lisa’s blog?
Part 2 of our collab is here!

Rambling Lisa's Book Reviews

the amazing Fernanda over at Mystery Date Witha Book!!! I have had the pleasure of meeting Fernanda a few times and she is so lovely! I had actually anticipated ‘bumping into her’ a while back and asking her to do a collab but unfortunately, my real life stalking skills didn’t meld well with my life! I was gonna do the whole ‘Oh, fancy meeting you here…’ ya know how it goes 😀

ANYWAYS….. fast forwarda bit and sheposts about wanting to get together and work with other bloggers, BAHAHAHA the fates are aligned! We decided to do an interview style post on each other’s blogs. I had such fun answering Fernanda’s questions, I had to actually think for the first time in quite a while! I loved reading her answers to my questions too. She is such an awesome girl and makes some of the most amazing bookish stuff…

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