My mystery date with…

If you want to see the other half of my collaboration with the lovely Kristina Steiner, check out my interview on her blog! 😀

Happy reading!


Today’s post is something very special and beyond exciting. I’m so happy and thankful that Fernanda at decided and offered people reading her blog to contact her if interested in doing a project together. I think that her action is something very noble, creative, kind and something to take notice of and imitate.

When seeing her proposal of working together, I couldn’t pass it up and so Fernanda and I came up with interviewing each other. I was really interested to see what she’s going to ask me and I enjoyed forming my questions for her. Doing this was a really positive experience not only because it’s something new and different but also because she is kind, creative, smart and we had a lot of fun corresonding.

Offering and doing collaborations is important. It’s paramount to support each other. So if anyone has an idea and wants to do something…

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