Interview with Emma from “It’s a Reader’s Life”

Helloooo dear reader!

Today we have a very special guest in our humble virtual home. Emma from “It’s a Reader’s Life“!

I did a Q&A with Emma recently and I think you’ll enjoy this big time.

So let’s get to it… 




Me: Is there a story behind your blog’s name?

Emma: There’s not really a specific story but when I first made my bookstagram account “It’s A Reader’s Life” was the first thing that came to my head so I thought I would stick with the theme and give my blog the same name.


Me: When you are writing a post for your blog, do you picture one specific reader or a virtual crowd? Describe them for us.

Emma: Ooh, great question! I usually think about the kind of things I like in a blog post and try to cater for that because I know many of us bookworms like similar kinds of things. So, when I write a post I try to do something new and different.


Me: Can you describe your blog in 3 words?

Emma: Books, books and books!


Me: What would you say is the biggest challenge about book blogging?

Emma: Keeping up with posts. I’m currently doing my A-Levels which take over my entire life so I often struggle to make sure I get posts out on time.


Me: What would you say is the greatest satisfaction in being a book blogger?

Emma: Reading comments from you lovely lot! I love hearing that people have enjoyed or gained something from my posts, it makes me feel like I’ve really achieved something.


Me: Where were you born and where do you call home?

Emma: I was born in a small town called Ipswich which is in Suffolk (yes, I’m from the same place as Ed Sheeran, aka my boyfriend who just doesn’t know it yet) so this is my home but in September I’ll be moving to Brighton for university so who knows what my answer would be in say a year or so.


Me: What’s a typical Tuesday evening like for you?

Emma: Probably staying at home revising or sometimes me and my best friend go to the cinema on a Tuesday because its 2 for 1, haha! We recently saw Split which was insane! I also post my Top Ten on a Tuesday so sometimes I sit and reply to comments and have a look through other people’s posts.


Me: Tell us about your proudest achievement.

Emma: I have two for this one. The first is a small publication which I have. When I was thirteen my English teacher entered the whole class into a writing competition for 50 word stories and I was one of the winners chosen to have my story published which is pretty cool. The second would definitely be this blog.


Me: Who are your Top 3 female fictional characters?

Emma: I’ve been raving about this book loads on my blog, but I’m completely obsessed with Lies Like Love by Louisa Reid so I’d say the main character from that, Audrey, and then maybe Cammie from the Gallagher Girls series because she is so bad-ass and Eleanor from Eleanor and Park, which is my favourite book.


Me: Do you prefer e-books, audiobooks, paperbacks or hardbacks?

Emma: Paperbacks. I’ve never tried audiobooks before though so I need to give them a go.


Me: Do you have any specific goals for 2017?

Emma: Pass my A-Levels and go to uni is my big one, and then finding ways to keep on top of my blog and just expand it in general.


Me: Where can we stalk you? 

Emma: I no longer have a bookish Twitter page but you can find me on Instagram @itsareaderslife or you can follow my personal Twitter page which is @emma_rogers_98 and Instagram @emma_rogerss .


Watch out for my very own Q&A on her blog. Coming soon!


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