Book review: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Genre: Romance / Science Fiction

Page Count: 529 pages

Publication Date: 2003


Goodreads summary the-time-travelers-wife

Audrey Niffenegger’s dazzling debut is the story of Clare, a beautiful, strong-minded art student, and Henry, an adventuresome librarian, who have known each other since Clare was six and Henry was thirty-six, and were married when Clare was twenty-three and Henry thirty-one.

Impossible but true, because Henry is one of the first people diagnosed with Chrono-Displacement Disorder: his genetic clock randomly resets and he finds himself misplaced in time, pulled to moments of emotional gravity from his life, past and future. His disappearances are spontaneous and unpredictable, and lend a spectacular urgency to Clare and Henry’s unconventional love story. That their attempt to live normal lives together is threatened by something they can neither prevent nor control makes their story intensely moving and entirely unforgettable.


My thoughts

I CANNOT believe that The Time Traveler’s Wife is Audrey Niffenegger’s debut novel! It’s so well thought-out and engaging. Henry’s Chrono-Displacement Disorder is such a creative feature to the story, even though it’s not a realistic portrayal of the disorder (But who needs reality in books, right? After all, most of us read books to escape from reality).

This book really plays with your imagination. I mean, can you imagine traveling in time involuntarily?! How on earth would you live a “normal” life when you could disappear half-way through breakfast or while driving down the street?

I think the biggest downside of The Time Traveler’s Wife is the page count. The book is way too long and drags a little at some points throughout the story (Hence the 3.5 review score). But on the upside, the more action-packed parts are brilliant!

I loved Henry and Claire’s relationship. The chemistry between the two main characters was beautiful, but Henry’s disorder makes for a challenging and sometimes depressing love story.

Warning: This book contains some mature content. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone under 18.




10 thoughts on “Book review: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

  1. Jade M. Wong says:

    This book still has one of my favorite premises because it sets up such a heartbreaking and twisty love story from the getgo. I’m sorry to hear it drags in places 😦 I never got the chance to read the book (but I did watch the movie and the movie breaks my heart!)

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