Shadowhunters rule the world!

Have you ever wished you lived in one of your books? I have!

I remember back when I was reading both the Mortal Instruments and Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare I desperately wanted to be a part of their world. I mean, shadowhunters are such bada***s you can’t help but wish you were one of them, right? Right?

So, in a stroke of nostalgia I created my own shadowhunter outfit (on



I wouldn’t call it an obsession, but rather a very strong admiration for their lifestyle and skills 😀 (Does that sound less creepy than saying “I’m obsessed”?)

My “admiration” grew even more after I met Cassandra Clare at a book signing! She was so lovely and funny… You can watch an old video that I made about it here (I’m really sorry about the bad quality).

So yeah, I just wanted to share my Shadowhunter-y mood with you today 🙂 I might find myself a dagger or something and start waving it around the house, just in case there are any demons around, you know…

If you could be a fictional being (like a vampire, fairy, hippogriff etc) for a whole year, who would you like to be?


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