The Sunshine Award


I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award again! Hurray! This time the nomination came from the lovely Lisa @ Rambling Lisa

Soooooo, let’s get down to business, shall we?


Do you still see yourself blogging in 5 years time and if not then what do you expect you would be doing?

I HOPE to still be blogging in 5 years time 😀 Blogging has been such a great way to meet new people and to share my thoughts on books (or whatever else comes to mind!) that I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.


Dogs or Cats?

Image result for dog gif

Dogs, dogs, dogs!

What has been your greatest accomplishment from when you began to blog?

Um… that’s a hard one. Let me think. There are so many different types of accomplishments… I’d say just the fact that the blog is still live and kicking (after 6 whole months!) is a massive accomplishment. When I started my blog I didn’t really expect to become so involved in the blogosphere and meet so many brilliant people. I thought my mum would be my only follower if I’m completely honest.


How do you like your eggs in the morning? (I like mine with a kiss….maybe younger bloggers wont get that reference but if you do then WOOOHOO!)

Isn’t that a song from an ad? Haha! But to answer your question, I love eggs benedict (but fried eggs are a lot easier to make at home).

Image result for eggs benedict


If you were to write a book who would be your inspiration?

I AM writing a book! Haha! Well, I’m in the process of planning it in my head at least. My book isn’t inspired by a person but rather on an object (It’ll all become clear when you read the story), but if I were to write a book based on a person I think I’d choose to write a children’s book based on both my nephew and my niece (Ages 3 and 1). They say and do the most brilliantly funny things!


Who did you last say I Love You to?

I don’t really say that a lot. The only 2 exceptions are my nephew and niece. I tell them how much I love them as often as I can ♥


What is your favorite childhood memory?

Oh there are so many good ones. One of my favourites was playing video games with my sisters and cousins on Saturday mornings after watching a tonne of cartoons.

Image result for little girls playing video game


Do you think if everyone in the world had everything they wanted would their lives be perfect and why do you feel this way?

Even if people had “everything they wanted” their lives wouldn’t be perfect. People will always want more than what they have, so we would never be able to truly have EVERYTHING we wanted.


Do you have any hidden talents?

Um… I can bend my fingers into a funny shape! Does that count? Haha! I can bend the top part of my middle fingers forward. Apparently this is kind of a rare “talent”.

(Don’t worry, I won’t post any pictures of that… Wouldn’t want to give people nightmares. Haha!).


Where is your happy place?

Home 😀



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