I’m a giveaway winner!

So I’ve won this brilliant book from the wonderful Emily @ Rose Read! (Seriously, she’s such a lovely person I just can’t recommend her blog enough). Thank youuuuu Emily!




I haven’t read “This Savage Song” by Victoria Schwab yet so I can’t really comment on the book itself (I can feel a book review coming soon, can you?), but I’m just so freaking happy I’ve won my first giveaway!  She even included a hand-written congratulations card!

I always enter giveaways “knowing” that I won’t win them, so when I got an email from Emily @ RoseRead saying that I had won her “300 follower giveaway” I was shocked! (Speaking of which, I’m about to reach my own “300 followers” milestone, so watch this space for another celebratory giveaway 😀 )

Now, back to my happy dance…


Image result for happy dance gif



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