How many books can you read at once?

I’ve always been the kind of reader who reads one book at a time.I had tried to read more than one at a time before, but that didn’t go so well.

You see, I’m easily confused. So if I read 2 books that have something, ANYTHING in common (genre, plot, time period, etc) then I start to get all mixed up with who is who and whatnot…

Hooowever, I’m reading THREE books right now and I’m not getting them mixed up at all!


Image result for hooray gif


I’m proud to announce that I’m reading / listening to 1 audiobook, 1 ebook and 1 paperback ๐Ÿ˜€ So you can expect 3 great book reviews soon.

What about you? Do you usually get confused if you read more than one book at a time? How many books are you reading / listening to right now?

That’s all I wanted to say really… Haha!

Till next time!


24 thoughts on “How many books can you read at once?

  1. caseyfaehewson says:

    I try very hard not to read more than one book at a time – like you, I just get too confused (might be an age thing!). However, if I’m reading for than two books at once it’s normally a non-fiction and a fiction book. Would be interested in knowing whether the books you are currently reading are of different genres – maybe the potential to keep things more on the straight and narrow!

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  2. explorelaughdream says:

    I only read one book at a time. If a book is really good though, I’ll just sit and binge read the whole book in a day or two. That doesn’t give me a chance to start another one at the same time! Haha

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  3. Aralyn says:

    I usually am reading a few at a time. I like some variety. Average is about 3, maybe 4. But I can read, like, 7 books at once, too. I never get confused. I guess my mind is pretty good at keeping even similar plot/character points in their respective places. Though, my friend has trouble with reading multiple books at once, but she’s a speed reader, so she can get through a book in a day, ready to move on!

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  4. lesliesbookcase says:

    My goodreads profile says I am reading 6-7 at a time but mostly this means I have checked them out, they are sitting in my pile, and I have committed to reading them. What I am actually involved in – usually 2 – usually one ARC on my kindle and one real book at a time; different formats helps me keep them separate in my mind I think!

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  5. RamblingLisa says:

    2 at the most an an audio book which may take a year to listen too. At one point attempted to read at the same time as listening to the audio book…not too easy yet can manage podcasts/music at the same time, then again you dont have to concentrate on them really. I do prefer to read one at a time thougg

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