My 4-year Olympic Anniversary!

I CANNOT believe it’s been 4 years already! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Exactly 4 years ago, on 27th July 2012, I was in London getting ready for one of my biggest achievements in life. I was about to be a part of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony!




After 3 months of:

  • Flying back and forth (Northern Ireland – London) every week,
  • Grueling 7-hour-long rehearsals (come rain or shine we were there, enjoying every minute of it),
  • A couple of nights spent at the airport (when my usual hostel was full),
  • And pestering my friends who lived in and around London (looking for a place to stay. Thank you Hannah!),


… the day had finally arrived!


The Olympic Games were about to start, and I was a (tiny) part of it!




People often ask me whether I was nervous or simply terrified before going on, but to be honest with you I wasn’t nervous at all! I knew what I had to do (that choreography is still embedded in my mind after all this time), I was surrounded by wonderful people who by then had become close friends, with a familiar voice in my ear-piece telling us all to enjoy the moment and have fun!

After all, we had done that about a gazillion times before, including a couple of dressed rehearsal where our family and friends came to watch us in the stadium. So the roar of 60.000 people cheering as we walked (or ran) into the stadium didn’t scare us, instead it encouraged us to smile brighter and make bigger dance movements, because we wanted them to be a part of our little party as well! It was like meeting 60.000 new friends all at once!

It was an AMAZING experience!


Olympic Games 2012.jpg


The only time I felt anything other than ecstatically happy was at the end, when my segment was done and we had to run, pushing those beds (with children on top) out of the field-of-play, in the dark, in heels! Now, THAT was scary!

But everything worked out in the end 😀 I didn’t even trip or anything!

If your country ever hosts the Olympic Games, I strongly encourage you to audition for the opening ceremony! It’s a life-changing experience that will give you more confidence and friends for life.


Plus, where else can you find such interesting characters in a toilet queue like that?





10 thoughts on “My 4-year Olympic Anniversary!

  1. Lais says:

    Okay, this is SOOOO cool! Olympics is in just a few weeks in my country (yay!), but I didn’t sing up for auditions because I live in a different state. After reading your post, though, I feel even more regretful. It would be a fantastic experience!
    But I’m very excited about it, regardless. I hope we can make an opening just as beautiful as the one in London!

    Liked by 1 person

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