Book Review: Fallen Angel by David Lamour

Fallen Angel (Fallen Angel #1) by David Lamour

Publication date: 22nd April 2016

Page count: 354 pages

Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal / Young Adult


Goodreads summary:

Death is coming for me and it seems like all I have left in this world are things that I know and things that I may never understand.
I know that angels are trying to kill me, but I’m not sure why they want me dead.
I know that I’m afraid to die, but I wonder if dying could possibly hurt more than living.
And most of all, I know that I feel love beyond all measure for a beautiful demon boy, but I don’t know if he loves me back.


My thoughts: Fallen angel.jpg

When I was first approached by the author (David Lamour) about writing a review for Fallen Angel I went on Goodreads to read the book summary, as you do. To be honest, the summary looked good but not good enough for me to drop everything and start reading it right away. But oh boy, was I wrong!

The Goodreads summary does NOT do this book any justice! David Lamour is a fantastic writer. The concept of the story was creative, the characters were well thought out… and that plot twist? Wow!

I only have 2 complaints about this book.

  1. About half-way through the book the author uses “you’re” instead of “your”. It might not sound like a big deal to most people, but it’s one of my pet peaves! I mean, seriously… When will people learn the difference between “you’re” and “your”?
  2. The main character, a 17 year old girl, repeatedly refers to the guy she likes as “a (insert adjective here) young man” or to herself as “a young girl”. No 17 year old would call a guy the same age as herself as “a young man” over and over again. Every time that happened it reminded me that the book had probably been written by a middle-aged man, and it distracted me from the actual story.

Apart from that, this book was amazing! I hope someone makes this into a film some day. I can just picture those beautiful wings and six-pack on the big screen! Oooh la la!

The story is a bit controversial and challenging at times, which makes for a great read. It presents the reader with a re-telling of the creation of Earth, from Lucifer’s point of view, which was so unexpected!

I feel so privileged that David Lamour asked me to read his book! It’s a must-read for anyone who enjoys stories about angels and demons.


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