Breaking news: author interviews!

Breaking news!

We’re now doing author interviews!


That’s right, people! From now on I’ll be featuring both new and seasoned book authors right here on this blog 😀

You might have noticed the new tab I added to the top of the page – Author Interviews. If you didn’t notice, don’t worry, I wouldn’t have noticed it either.. haha!

So to start things off we have a very special self-published author, JC Lara (aka my dad). You can find out all about him as an author and his debut novel, Voices from the Walls, on the new tab.

Or… just click on the photo below:




Happy reading 😀







Five reasons you should visit your local library 

When was the last time you visited your local library?


A few weeks ago I was talking to one of the librarians at my local library and we chatted briefly about our mutual love for the library. We talked about how amazed we both were that not many people take advantage of the great benefits of the library.

This really got me thinking. Why don’t more people, especially bookworms, go to their libraries more often? After all, it’s FREE! Libraries have really expanded their services in recent years as well, offering loads of programs and incentives besides the normal borrowing a regular book.

Five reasons you should visit your local library on the regular:

  • It’s free! Did I already mention that? Oh well, it’s worth repeating. Yes, you can accrue late fees if you don’t return your books on time. But they are nominal and much cheaper than actually buying your own copy of the book. Plus, most libraries nowadays…

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