My A-Z List of Favourite Things

I got this idea from “The Jouska” who made this A-Z to celebrate a massive milestone on her amazing blog. I loved it so much that I’ve decided to create my own A-Z list of favourites πŸ˜€

So without further ado:

Favourite Actor/Actress:
Actor: Eddie Redmayne/Will Smith/Peter Dinklage/Tom Hiddleston/Matt Bomer (Haha! I’m REALLY sorry but I couldn’t pick just one!)
Actress: Emilia Clarke/Jenna Coleman/Meryl Streep


Favourite Book:

Noooooooo! A good mother could never admit to having a favourite child!


Favourite Colour:


Favourite Disney Character:


Favourite Emoji:


Favourite Food:
Oh I love all sorts of food…


Favourite Genres:
Music genre: Late 90s pop (Very specific, I know! Haha!)

Book genre: Young adult

Film/TV genre: Rom com β™₯


Favourite Hobby:
Apart from reading? Crafts! I’ve recently found out that I love making cute little things πŸ˜€


Favourite Ice Cream:
White chocolate Magnum!


Favourite Joke:
I don’t really know any jokes, so I’m just going to steal one from Jouska:
β€œWhat did the blanket say when it fell off the bed? Oh, Sheet.”


Favorite Karaoke Song:
Wow! I haven’t been to a karaoke session in ages! I’d say Music by Madonna is a pretty good one πŸ˜€


Favorite Lyrics:Β 
β€œDo you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men
It is the music of the people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes”
-Les Miserable

I LOVE this song!


Favorite Movie:
I don’t think I have a favourite movie… but I’m going to say “Pitch Perfect” and Hairspray” are definitely in my top 5!


Favorite Number:


Favorite One True Pairing:
Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn β™₯ Β 


Favorite Pet:
Dogs πŸ˜€


Favorite Quote:


Favorite Restaurant:
Brazilian stake houses are the BEST! Yumm!


Favorite Song:
I don’t think I have a favourite song, but I do really like “I knew you were trouble” by Taylor Swift πŸ˜€


Favorite TV Show:
Modern Family / Doctor Who / Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

(I like a bit of everything really)


Favorite University:

University of Leeds (Obviously! Haha!)


Favorite Villain:
Voldemort from Harry Potter.


Favorite Websites:
Wordpress, Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest and Etsy.


Favorite Xbox Game:
I don’t own an Xbox, but I’m addicted to The Sims! Does that count? Hahaha!


Favorite Youtuber:
I love Sasha from ABookUtopia


Favorite Zodiac Sign:
Erm… cancer I guess. Because I think that’s my sign.


I hope you enjoyed my A-Z list of favourites!Β 

Till next time πŸ˜€

9 thoughts on “My A-Z List of Favourite Things

  1. Sammie @ booksandbiros says:

    That fan art for Julian and Emma is so pretty! Also, that Ron gif has to be one of my faves – it pretty much represents my relationship with food too. πŸ˜‚ Nice answers, it’s always fun to get to know fellow book bloggers a little better! πŸ™‚ x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. moi.trois says:

    Your favourite book had me cracking up :”). Clever. And I loved your use of the GIFs, I’ve been meaning to try that out for some time now >.<
    I'd love for your feedback on my blog, please? πŸ™‚


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