Book Journals ♥

Helloooo dear reader! I’m taking a break from “work” to come and tell you about my new obsession: Book journals!

I was at a stationery shop the other day and I saw this little beauty…


Needless to say it was love at first sight (I don’t really believe in love at first sight with people, but when it comes to stationery, YES! I fall faster than you can say “Pretty things”).

I mean, look at it!

IMAG1515  IMAG1516

But sadly, because students are usually broke, I couldn’t afford to take my new found love home with me 😦

So I went online to look for a more affordable option… and I found it!

It has different tabs and sections for book reviews and everything! My notes on ARCs (or whatever book I’m reviewing) are usually scattered all over my room, so I think this would really help me get more organized.

So guess what I’m adding to my birthday/graduation wishlist?


How do YOU organize your book reviews and blog posts?

16 thoughts on “Book Journals ♥

  1. Aralyn says:

    That’s a really cool concept! I read too fast to make notes about anything x) Well, and I also only recently started trying to review books, so I never took notes in the first place. They seem super helpful, though!

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