Summer is Here!

Dear readers, I had the most unexpected of days yesterday!

I went for a walk in the park with my parents (No, that’s not the unexpected part… Haha! Hold your horses). Continue reading

Goodbye student life. Hello job hunt.

As most of you dear readers know I have just finished my psychology degree. (Hurray!)

That means:

-Jamming a ridiculous amount of stuff I’ve accumulated this past year into 2 suitcases and a carry-on (which may or may not have involved some tears of frustration, repeatedly wishing I had Hermione Granger’s “everything-magically-fits” handbag, and some of my beloved things inevitably going in the bin 😦 ).   Continue reading

Books I should have read already

Hello dear reader, how are we this fine morning? (Or whatever time it is where you live)

Well, I’ve been incredibly busy these past few days, revising (ie. memorizing 2 essays INCLUDING REFERENCES! …aaaand breathe…) for my last exam as an undergraduate, sorting through everything I own and deciding what’s coming home with me, what I’m donating, and Continue reading