My Booket List

Dear reader, right now I’m watching a special programme on TV to celebrate Shakespeare’s life, and I’ve been inspired to come up with a Booket List (See what I did there? Did you? Did you?).

There are soooo many great books I haven’t read (…yet!) and I’ve just realised that I haven’t read ANY of Shakespeare’s plays! This is so embarrassing 😦

I mean, the man is a legend! Even 400 years after his death people are still celebrating his work! So I think I should read at the very least ONE of his plays…

So here we go…




My booket List:

(  ) To read a Shakespeare’s play

(  ) To read 200 books

(  ) To read 10 books considered “classics”

(  ) To read the same book in two different languages

(  ) To complete Goodreads’ book challenge 3 years in a row

(  ) To visit the Shakespeare’s Globe in London

(  ) To attend 5 book signings (1 out of 5 so far!)

(  ) To write and publish my own book


Good luck to me, right? Haha!

But here is my question to you… What would YOU include in your booket list?

7 thoughts on “My Booket List

  1. QuirkyVictorian says:

    What a lovely idea! I love the things you’ve included. Top of my booket list right now would be to finish my current novel, haha. I have a feeling it would be a long list if I stopped to write all of it down, because there’s just so much to read and so many bookish things to do! (P.S. if you want a recommendation for a Shakespeare play to read, my top three are Much Ado About Nothing, Julius Caesar, and As You Like It. 🙂 )


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