5 Different ways of getting your hands on books

Thankfully, books are not hard to find these days. You don’t even have to sell an arm and a leg to get yourself a book! Seriously, it has never been this easy to have a never-ending “to-be-read list”.

These are the 5 different ways I usually get my literary buddies (Haha! That sounded so cheesy! I’ll try harder next time, I promise).


They are everywhere and usually have a good variety of books. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for they can order it for you, if you behave yourself (Be nice, people! I’ve worked in retail before and trust me, a smile goes a long way!). Bookshops are magical places where all my money goes to die… I mean, who can resist the smell of freshly printed books, all lined up with their shiny spines, tempting book lovers everywhere to reach out and take them to a loving home?



If you’re lucky your local library will have endless shelves filled with all the best books you could ever hope to read! Hooooowever, if you live in a small town, chances are you will find one lonely shelf in the back corner of a dusty library, with about 5 or 6 books on the genre you’re interested in. But you know what? We should count ourselves lucky anyway. We’re privileged enough to be able to read (did you know 17% of the world population are illiterate?). So, even if there’s only 5 or 6 books in your local library you can still read those 5 or 6 books, and get the rest somewhere else 🙂



I LOVE the internet! You can get all sorts of books, both used and new. I usually get my used books (I don’t mind that they’ve been read before. I’m not the jealous type…) from eBay. The story is exactly the same as a new book but you only pay a fraction of the original price. But when I want something a bit more special, a book that I KNOW I’m going to love and cherish forever, then I get a new one at the Book Depository. They are all brand new books but not as expensive as going to a bookshop.



Now, I’m not a big fan of e-books but I have read a couple on my phone. Back when I worked in an office, I didn’t want to carry a book around with me all the time, so I downloaded a couple of books on my phone and just sat there, reading, acting like a proper loner. But I didn’t care, I was enjoying myself 🙂


Review websites

I’ve recently discovered the world of review websites. Oh it’s a whole different kind of heaven! If you have a book blog, or if you work for a magazine, or something like that you can access to a whole bunch of books (both recently published and not-yet-published ones) for free, and then you get to do a review about them! It’s brilliant!


So, whether you get your books online, from your local library, or even if you borrow books from your friends, the important thing is to keep reading!


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