The Mortal Instruments

OK, so everybody knows that The Mortal Instruments has been made into a series for Netflix, right? I’ve read all 6 books in the series and I absolutely loved them! Hooowwwever, I’m not sure the Netflix series is as good as it could have been. Let me explain why I’m disappointed:


Casting: Not great! I’m sure everyone in the cast is very competent and very talented, but they are NOT what I imagined the characters would be like. I mean, Netflix Jace is not the book Jace, and Netflix Clary is not the book Clary… Both in looks and personality. And don’t get me started on Luke!

To be fair, it’s not all bad. The guy who plays Simon is just perfect for the role!


Storyline: Why did they have to make so many changes? I get the fact that they had to adapt the story to create a more marketable show and to keep within the time limit that they had, but some of the changes were simply off putting and unnecessary.


Overall, I think viewers who haven’t read the books and have nothing to compare it to might really enjoy the show, but for those of us who know what the books are like, the Netflix series is a big disappointment.

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