Happy Belated “World Book Day”!

Happy belated world book day, dear reader! I know I’m a bit late, but come on, I spent the real “world book day” working on my dissertation. Don’t I get a sympathy vote?

Anyway, don’t you just love the fact that there is an international day dedicated just to books and reading?! I wish everyday was world book day (cue all those Christmas films where someone wishes it was Christmas every day, and when that actually happens the character realises living the same day over and over again is not as fun as they expected it to be. On second thought… I wish every OTHER day was world book day!)

What are you reading on such a special occasion? Well, let me tell you about a book I’M reading. It’s called Delirium, by Lauren Oliver. It’s the first book in a trilogy, and it’s about a world that believes love is a disease and everyone should be treated and cured as soon as possible. I’m only on chapter 7 at the moment, but so far I’m absolutely loving this book! I can tell it’s going to make it into my Top 10 when I’m done with it! I’ll give you an update when I’m done.

So, are you reading anything interesting, exciting or scarily good at the moment?

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